I am a reporter for the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., but live and write columns at my home near Gettysburg. I grew up in Athens, Ga., and think of myself as a Southerner, mostly. I have been writing columns off and on since 1978 or thereabouts. I’ve worked as a mortician, salesman, concrete truck driver, garbageman and, since 1985, as a reporter.


18 Responses to “About”

  1. Matt said

    Terry–This picture makes you look sinister and we all know you’re a pussycat. Have Sue take a pix of you holding all the cats. Matt

  2. Uncle Davy said

    Terry — this is won of yer best uns yet.
    For the past 30 or so years it seems that our educational system has been hi-jacked and turned into a socio-cultural machine dedicated to spouting out feel-good-isms and engaging in social experiments of dubiious merit or outcome.
    Some people want to put the Bible back in the classroom. I think we ought to put education back in.
    It wood be the best thing we cud do to hep are children.


  3. dee Edith Erdberg said

    Terry- Please put me back on your mailing list for Burger To Go. I miss getting them.

  4. Ed Tant said

    Hi, Terry! Ed Tant here, from down on your former turf of Athens, GA. Keep up your good writing! I remember working with you during the “olden daze” of The Athens Observer weekly newspaper here, where I started writing columns, news stories, features and reviews in 1974. Since 1991 I have been a columnist for The Athens Banner-Herald, the daily paper of this town. Next year I celebrate 35 years as a columnist in Athens. I have been meaning to drop you a line for years and after running into a friend of yours at the art museum in Athens yesterday, I thought I’d send you a note. I hope you’ll view my Web site of writings and photography of anything from street protests to space launches to car shows. http://www.edtant.com. Write on, Terry!

    The Athens Banner-Herald
    Athens, GA

  5. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  6. Hello Terry–After years of reading your stuff this is the firt time I’ve been to this site. As a fan of yours I remain convnced that you should take all your gems and put them in a book. You are, in your own way, “Americana” with some keen insight an a great sense of unique humor. I’d buy a copy!

  7. Jessica said


    I read your article about the Halifax family that helps the homeless camped out under the Mulberry Street Bridge in Harrisburg.

    I want to help them. I would like to meet up with them when they go and deliver food, or coordinate days to go deliver food, contribute in some way to them and their mission to help fellow people.

    Please let me know. Great story!

    jaltman@riteaid.com is my email or she can even call me 717 975 8674 to let me know what to do.

  8. Rain said

    Nice as if I haven’t mentioned before. Then again; Maybe I haven’t. At any rate. I love your writing. I always have and always will! As for your pic there… I think I know that bar! LOL Just kidding. Seriously though, keep up the good er um work!

  9. Jim Lewis said

    Terry: Love the turkey column. Excited about running it in the Press And Journal. Great writing, as always.

    • Jack Marlando said

      Hello–Terry, I see you’re keeping up with writing great pieces–now I am following up as a persistent reader–You mentioned some time ago that you were finally going to put msny of your articles into book form–Let all us fans know how its going and when we’ll be able to get a signed copy. (Hope to read a lot of that old, sardonic humor of yours mixed with your firechat style…it’s great!

  10. Pat Nutter said

    You were always able to look at things sideways so you saw a clearer picture than anyone else when I knew you. You haven’t changed-kudos-please don’t ever change that part of you.

  11. Michael Wagner said

    I totally disagree. you do not look sinister. You look like a guy I want to talk to about politics and philosophy with. I found your blog while looking up images about flying lizards. Now things you said about a guy in a Hawaiian shirt are sticking with me and I had to go back through dozens of images searches to find that quote after I absentmindedly closed your window. That was two days ago. .

    • T.W. Burger said

      Wow. Are u on facebook? I check it often…way more often than my blog messages!

    • T.W. Burger said

      Wow, thank you! I”ve been doing this for more than 30 years and it’s still mostly fun! Friend me on Facebook and we can chat, online, or over a beer or coffee, if you live close enough.

  12. Michael Wagner said

    quick note on education though. nothing is high jacked. the system is full of folks dedicated to our youth. its always a work in progress and parents should stop demanding better service and roll up there sleeves. government is accountable to the people but we gotta skip that football game on Monday or our favorite episode of Dexter and go down to the school and participate!!! As liberals we are the ones with the right answers!!!

    • T.W. Burger said

      Of course! Sorry I am so late replying,

    • T.W. Burger said

      Sorry! I have the bad habit of forgetting to check the comments section. To many social media sites to keep track of!

      Thanks for the comment. I always say that the main reason for the decline in education is that parents don’t value knowing stuff: They just want the diploma for little John and Jane. It’s not about knowledge any more.

      Hey, check out my new book, The Year of the Moon Goose, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

      Thanks for writing…and reading!

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