February 5, 2014: Ice

February 5, 2014

Feb. 5, 2014

Feeling feisty after three cups of coffee, but not feisty enough to go out and take my chances on the ice, at least not until it starts to soften up some.

It looks as though we got about half an inch if ice on top of the snow that has been on the ground now and is looking tired, as though completely bored with the place but lacking the money or will to leave.

The glaze on the trees is a treat to the eyes, but it doesn’t do them a lot of good; I suspect we will have a lot of broken branches to clean up as soon as we can get to walking around without risking injury.

Out the kitchen window, I can see our row of yews, bent over as if suffering heavy grief.

It is a good day, then, for writing and reading, good music on the stereo (between power outages, anyway,) and perhaps some more coffee.


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