Ringo is 69

July 8, 2009

Ringo Starr is 69 years old today.

For those of you who need the reminder, Ringo was the drummer for the Beatles, a British band terrifically popular mostly in the 1960s who pretty much changed music forever. For those who have forgotten or never heard of them (if there really are such people,) they were Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

It was sort of all about the youth movement.



I note with interest that the Beatles were hitting their stride when The Jackson 5 with tiny phenom Michael Jackson hit the scene.

I’ll spare you the details of how I feel about the Beatles versus Michael Jackson. Imagine me comparing the style of the Ford Company’s autos with those of the Studebaker Company. It would have no meaning if you had no idea of what a Studebaker looked like.

I still have my first Beatles album. It’s a record, an actual vinyl disc, sort of a paleolithic early CD.

Ringo Starr is 69. John is dead, killed by a nutjob. George is dead from cancer. McCartney is licking his wounds, having been gutted by a divorce.

I think I will sit back, drain a fifth of Geritol, and ponder my misspent youth. Hell, I feel so old I think I misspent my youth in Confederate money.


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One Response to “Ringo is 69”

  1. Claire Patton said

    The Beatles were my introduction and ending of my music knowledge. Of course I was in love with Paul as all teenage girls were. He and I were going to spend the rest of ours lives together touring the world with music. Then came Linda. OH NO TELL ME ITS NOT SO. I
    still loved all their music but they were the end of my radio listening. To this day I don’t listen to music, Linda McCartney ruined my music life. But 69 tell me it aint’t so. When my grandson was here this summer he noticed my vinyls and asked why my cd’s were so big. I’ll join you in that drink of Geritol.

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