Weird Weather

June 11, 2009

Now and then we get this, a heaviness in the air, a feeling like dread.

Any movement raises a sweat, though the temps are only in the low 70s. Multicolored lines on the TV radar maps scroll and noodle across the hemisphere while jolly weathermen chuckle about “bad day for your golf game,” while the Midwest cringes under Old Testament storms.

Here in the mid-Atlantic, the weather today is less Wrath of God and more like a middle-aged man suffering from depression or a hangover.

Today, clouds the color of steel wool, fat and almost impervious to light, churned overhead, their bellies scraping over the bristles of the Blue Ridge. Sheaves of fog slipped through the woods, and skulked down the creekbed.

The air seemed too thick to breathe.

Lines on the weather maps shifted while darkness fell. The blackness overhead growled and glared. Rain hissed in the creek like a sigh of relief. The heaviness scattered like squirrels chased by a playful pup.

Here in the house, we relish the new coolness pressing through the screens, though the cats give the evil eye back into the night at the diminishing drumbeat.

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