An Announcement

May 31, 2009

File this under “Old dog, new tricks.”

I haven’t published a new column in a few weeks. I took a break while I figured out a few things.

Turns out, I’ve been sort of stuck in the past.

Expect some changes to “Burger to Go.” I hope they will be good changes.

When I started writing, I confess, it was mostly for my own amusement, in a journal written on an ancient manual typewriter.

Anyway, the point is that for more than two decades, I have been writing on the same treadmill, my columns typed out to the rhythm of somebody’s printing press. Sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, but always with that big mechanical clock thumping away in the subtext.

And then I had one of those “DUH!” moments.

Four years ago, I stopped writing “Burger to Go” for a newspaper, and began writing it for myself and for whoever else wanted to read it. But I was still writing as though I still had a bunch of presspersons standing around waiting for it.

Meanwhile, the digital world was spinning all around me and had taken off with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and everybody worth his salt, and many who are not, started a blog.

I never liked the word blog, by the way, a contraction of the term “weblog.” It sounds like a term for boggy ground.

But that’s just me. The thing is, bloggers are not strapped to the gears of a printing press. Bloggers blog daily, even several times a day, and often, it appears, they blog when they have nothing useful or entertaining to say. A price to pay for this opportunity, I suppose.

So, starting now, I will use my blog to, well, BLOG. I don’t mean to stop writing my regular columns. I’ve been doing that so long now I don’t think I could stop anyway. But woven in between them will be short, pithy (I hope,) funny, (I hope,) comments on whatever comes to mind. God knows what else I’ll toss in there while I’m coming to terms with this new, to me, format. Jokes. Photos. Poems. Bear with me, please. This will be a new adventure for me. Despite being a bit of a luddite, I find that I am really looking forward to it.

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