It’s Spring: Bring on the Aspirin

April 5, 2009

It’s gardening season.

I can tell by the way I hurt.

I mean, it’s the same way I hurt in the fall, when we’ve been putting the garden to bed for the winter, but the weather’s different.

If you’re a gardener, you know what I’m talking about. Aches, stiffness in the back, suspicious popping sounds in the knees. Sensations heightened by winter inactivity and amplified by the number of springs one already has under one’s belt.

It’s the time of year when one’s enjoyment of gardening is more philosophical than actual.

I have only really had a patch of ground to call my own for about 14 years, so this is all still a voyage of discovery for me.

For example, I have learned that moderation is important. I once used my trusty old pickup truck to bring several loads of fresh cow manure to the garden.

It was a LOT of manure. I piled it up maybe two feet high over each bed in the late fall. It was so thick that the tiller got mired in it that spring. Not pretty. Another time I brought in a mountain of sheep manure. For some reason, sheep manure attracks flies like nobody’s business, even in relation to manure from cows and horses. It brought clouds of flies to the neighborhood.

Sheep manure may be great for plants, but it does not grow good relations with neighbors, trust me.

I also learned moderation in what to plant. There really IS such a thing as too many tomato vines. And I once planted a dozen or more zuchinni plants, thinking that would surely be enough.

I was right. People still avoid me in summer, fearful that I will be giving away zuchinni again. At least, I assume it’s the memory of my zuchinni giveaway program, and not the memory of the manure.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to Master Gardener status, which requires, I think, study and tests and stuff. I’m pretty hit-or-miss about gardening. I already have a job. I garden to relax, and because it really is magical to see all that edible stuff arise from my questionable soil and the work of my aching back. It gives me things to think and write about, and things to eat that you really can’t get at your neighborhood Shopping Monster grocery story.

Now…let me know if you’d like some zuchinni.

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