Frogs. Again.

January 1, 2009

Burger to Go
Frogs. Again.
By T.W. Burger
I approached the long, skinny Christmas gift from Wendy with some trepidation.

After all, One Never Knows.

It was just last Christmas when I opened an oddly shaped present from Wendy and discovered therein what I still refer to as the Fabulous Flying Frog Birdhouse. It’s about the size of a small toaster-oven, made of an indescribably green plastic. From its front and back legs, which are moveable, and from its little froggy butt sprout bright green feathers. On one side of the grinning frog is a circular hold a little more than an inch across, with a stick protruding beneath it.

It was pretty awesome.



This spring and summer it lived sitting on the porch outside the bedroom, high on a plant shelf among the begonias.

There were plenty of birds around, but none built their nest in it. It may be that the birds in our neighborhood are too conservative to live in a frog.

I wrote a column about the FFFB, and actually had a woman in the Midwest contact me and ask me where she could find one just like it. She just HAD to have one.

The frog itself was made in China, for “Pacific Rim…The Company for All Seasons.” The company, based in Seattle, went bust. So, my FFFB is probably now a collector’s item and worth tons of money. So there.

Let me make it plain. We don’t collect frogs. We HAVE a collection of frogs. We picked up a couple of fiberglass frogs for the garden, just for fun. And then we picked up one or two more. I’m not sure why. And a couple of friends, seeing a frog here or there, gifted us with more. But we don’t actively collect frogs. We just have them.

That said, there I was, on the evening of Christmas Day, and I had another gift from Wendy sitting in my lap, wrapped in happy green paper.

A box, maybe six inches by two inches and two feet long. What could it be?

I shook it. A kind of clanking, with a hint of a ringing. Hmm. Bells? A wind-chime? An Erector Set? A do-it-yourself, easy-to-assemble Honda Asimo robot?

Gingerly, I tugged the ribbon loose, shredded the paper away, and cut the tape sealing one end of the box.

Holding my hand out, I dumped the box’s content.


A frog buzzing around my head
A frog buzzing around my head


Note the plural.



Three of’em. Happy, goofy little fellers, pounded out of copper, I think, about six inches long, with butterfly-like wings, and attached to the end of a long metal rod, so I can stick it into the dirt so they’ll appear to be flitting about in my garden.

But we don’t collect frogs.

(Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year. Few of us, I think, will miss 2008 all that much.)
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One Response to “Frogs. Again.”

  1. valwebb said

    The frogs just seem to seek you out, don’t they? It’s probably an omen of good fortune…

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