October 9, 2008

HERE AND NOW, I wish I could make it all stop, just for awhile.

The world, I mean. Time. Make it stop at this moment as this golden glass-sharp light slices almost level with the ground as the sun nears its setting,

Make time stop so I could leap,

Run breathless through woods and marsh, along small harbors like this one, see this light,

Shimmering on the still surface of the harbor, reflecting almost perfectly the gulls flying a hand’s breadth above, see it
Dart through the brooding pines to flare the yellow flags of some maple into a
Torch or waving banner, see it cast gold on the flanks of geese against the half-moon whose twin dances in the water outside my window.

If only I could

Raise my hand and still the skies and earth,

Spend myself in adoration of this very moment.
© 2008 Marsh Creek Media, Gettysburg, Pa.
“Burger to Go” is a product of me and my company, Marsh Creek Media and, as such, I am solely responsible for its content.
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