Dispatch from Maine No. 2, recycled moose and a matter of the spirits

October 4, 2008

In the Oct. 2 edition of The Lincoln County News, a wonderful weekly broadsheet published in Damariscotta, Maine:

“A Camden man hit a moose just up the road from Bullwinkle’s Restaurant and next to a Moose Crossing sign (No, it really said that) on Sept. 23 and kept on going.

The struck moose lay dead in the road that Tuesday night until two Waldoboro residents saw it and called the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, according to LCSO Deputy Brent Barter.

The two men…took the moose home, Barter said. He said they seemed happy to be able to salvage the meat.

“It will feed their families,” he said.

The story was written by John McGuire.

Police said they were probably not going to charge the guy who hit the moose. Hmph. So, what’s the use of putting up Moose Crossing signs? Poor moose was just following directions.

•    As for matters of the spirit:

•    Tucked into the dust jacket of a copy of “High Tide in Tucson,” by Barbara Kingsolver, I found a folded sheet of yellow paper from a legal pad. It was a packing list for a trip, apparently. Also apparently, the packer was a member of the clergy.

•    The items to be taken wherever he was going included a milk crate filled with sermons, a Bible, a word book, and a Franklin speller (he needed it; his spelling was atrocious,) a book of occasional services, his alb, “cassic” (cassock,) surplice and tibit. I have no idea what a tibit is.

•    He also planned to pack “lots of shoes,” sweatshirts, a camera, toys, a crate and chains for Duffie, who I assume is a pet or a very disturbed child, vestments, which I suppose are somehow different from the alb, etc., listed above, a grill and photos of his kids.

•    How do I know it’s a “he?” That’s easy. The very first things at the top of the list were: “frypan/spatula/shotglass.”

•    PS: I went online to see if I could find out what a “tibit” was. I didn’t but found an online clerical supply store called Gerken’s. (http://www.gerkens.com) My favorite item was the Clergy Collars Two-Ply (#54 Clericool Brand) Set of 4. I will be saying “Clericool” for days to come.
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